Zero-Cost Credit Lines Explained

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We are excited to announce the launch of Nexo’s Zero-Cost Credit Lines. Effective Dec 2, 2021 clients in the Platinum and Gold loyalty tiers can enjoy borrowing rates from as low as 0%-1.9% as long as their Loan-to-Value ratio in their Credit Line wallet is below 20% (e.g. a $2,000 loan against $10,000 worth of collateral). Wonder how it works? Here are the key points:

Borrowing rates by tier

For the Base and Silver loyalty tiers borrowing rates remain the same. The Gold and Platinum tiers, however, are where the magic happens. Check it out:


  • LTV ≤ 20%: 0.00% APR
  • LTV >20%: 6.90% APR


  • LTV ≤ 20%: 1.90% APR
  • LTV >20%: 8.90% APR

Supported assets

You can use the entire lineup of supported cryptocurrencies to benefit from the 0% to 1.9% borrow rates.

Tip: For assets like the NEXO Token, where the permitted LTV is already below the 20% threshold, clients will automatically get our 0% or 1.9% borrowing rates for the Platinum and Gold Loyalty tiers.


The Zero-Cost Credit Lines is not a promotion but a permanent fixture on the platform.


Our Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ are extremely flexible and you can go back and forth between our zero-cost credit and our standard rates.

For example, if you’re in the Gold or Platinum tiers and you’re using Bitcoin as collateral and initially take out a smaller loan that keeps your LTV under 20%, you’ll accrue interest at 0% or 1.9%. Then you decide to take out more credit against the same amount of BTC raising your LTV above 20% (remember you can take out a loan of up 50% of the value of your BTC on Nexo), you’ll be charged our normal interest of 6.9% or above depending on your Loyalty tier.

The reverse also works. If you take out a larger amount of credit initially and then either add more collateral or repay part of your credit line to get your LTV under 20%, you’ll be moved from our regular Platinum and Gold rates to the new zero-cost options.

Loan withdrawal limits

You can borrow from as little as $50 to as much as $2M.

Opening a 0%-1.9% Interest Credit Line

  1. Become a Gold or Platinum tier client.
    To do this you must have enough NEXO Tokens in your account for the ratio of NEXO to all the other assets in your Portfolio to be above 10% for the Platinum tier and 5% for the Gold tier. For more information, check out our dedicated article.

  2. Tap the “Borrow” button on your home screen and enter the credit amount you would like to withdraw as well as the withdrawal currency.

  3. Enable the 0% or 1.9% interest rate through the toggle button right under your desired withdrawal amount.
    When this toggle button is enabled and you finalize your credit request, the system will automatically move enough collateral into your Credit Line Wallet for your LTV to be under 20%.


Also, have in mind the toggle will not show up if you have entered a withdrawal amount that will bring your LTV above 20% even when using all the assets in your account as collateral.

In order to benefit from 0% or 1.9% APR when making purchases with the Nexo Card, you can enable the “Purchase with 0% APR” option from the Card Settings menu inside the Card tab on the mobile app. Once enabled, we’ll automatically transfer just enough collateral to your Credit Line wallet to keep your LTV below 20% – provided you have enough assets in your account.

Existing credit lines opened before December 2, 2021

If you already have an open credit line before December 2 and were accruing interest at our standard rates – 6.9% for Platinum and 8.9% for Gold users – your borrowing rates will automatically be lowered if the LTV in your Credit Wallet is under 20%.

Hint: If you have already borrowed at a higher LTV, you can always add a little extra collateral to your Credit Line Wallet to get our low-cost and zero-cost rates.

Calculating your current LTV

It is important to note that Zero-Cost Credit Lines take into account only the assets held in your Credit Line wallet. Thus, to calculate your LTV you need to divide your outstanding loan by the overall dollar value of your Credit Line wallet. Here are the steps:


(Scroll down to the bottom of your account page and mouse over ‘Estimated Total Value of Crypto’)


  • Crunch the numbers: (248.00 / 2,946.76) X 100 = 8.41% LTV

If the Credit Line wallet LTV exceeds 50%, you will be prompted to bring it under 20% by transferring additional assets from your Savings wallet.


In case the assets in your Savings wallet are not sufficient to bring the Credit Line wallet LTV under 20% , you will be prompted to top-up more crypto:


Important: Please note that loans repaid in less than 30 days are charged interest for the remainder of the 30-day period at the standard APR of 13.9% regardless of your loyalty tier. This is in order to prevent improper use of the Nexo Platform and to safeguard Nexo as a company, but more importantly, our clients and investors.

This information is also available on the Credit Line Repayment screen as seen in the sample screenshot below:



If you are repaying a loan 20 days after you took it, you will be charged additional interest for the remaining 10 days out of the 30-day period (30 – 20 = 10) at 13.9%.

Source: Zero-Cost Credit Lines Explained
August 23, 2022
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