Where do I see the address where I need to deposit the collateral for my Nexo loan?

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

In your Nexo account at platform.nexo.io, there is a “Top Up” button next to each collateral option where you can see the deposit address of the particular cryptocurrency.


IMPORTANT! Please make sure to only transfer supported crypto assets over the respective Blockchain network supported by Nexo. Тransferring unsupported assets to your Nexo account will result in permanent loss.

For all assets which support multiple transfer networks, you must select the one you would like to use for your deposit. Click on the dropdown menu and select the preferred network.


By depositing you acknowledge that Nexo is not responsible for any coins sent to the wrong address or through the wrong network.


You can also deposit crypto coins/tokens from exchange accounts.

You can find the processing time of cryptocurrency deposits here.

After making a deposit you can track its progress on the Transactions page in your Nexo account.

Your crypto assets are held in multi-signature wallets and cold storage at world-renowned custodians BitGo and Ledger Vault. You can read more about the security of your assets here.

Source: Where do I see the address where I need to deposit the collateral for my Nexo loan?
August 23, 2022
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