What transactions are ineligible for the Nexo Card cashback?

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Getting cashback rewards with every purchase associates with the Nexo Card. However, the following Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) are ineligible for the cashback:

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 6010 – Manual Cash Disbursements:

Used only to identify face-to-face transactions in which a cardholder their card at a financial institution to obtain a manual (over-the-counter) cash disbursement, to open or fund a deposit account, or to purchase traveller’s cheques, foreign currency, money orders, precious metals, or savings bonds.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 6012 – Investment Platforms:

Such merchandise and services may include checks and other financial products, promotional merchandise, loan fees, and financial counselling service fees. Included are also repayment of debts to banks, savings and loans, thrift shops and credit unions.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 6211 – Brokers/Dealers:

Such merchants are associated with financial institutions for the purchase of merchandise or services or the repayment of debts to banks, savings and loans, thrift shops and credit unions. For example, the purchase of cheques, other financial products or promotional merchandise, deposits, the funding of an account, the purchase or reload of a stored-value card, the purchase of foreign currency, non-fiat currency (for example, cryptocurrency), money orders (a negotiable paper-based remittance – not a money transfer), traveller’s cheques and loan fees or financial counselling service fees. This code may also be used for merchants involved in the repayment of a debt, loan or credit card balance by a cardholder to the financial institution.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 6532 – Customer Financial Institution:

This code is primarily used to identify Payment Transactions. A Payment Transaction allows Mastercard cardholders to transfer funds to a Mastercard account. This type of transaction does not reverse a previous Mastercard purchase and must be authorized by the issuer. Nevertheless, this MCC is also used for Brazilian domestic Coupon Booklet Payments (CARNE).

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 7995 – Gambling Transactions:

The placing of a wager, the purchase of a lottery ticket, spread betting, in-flight commerce gaming, or the purchase of chips or other value usable for gambling in conjunction with gambling activities provided by wagering or betting establishments such as casinos, race tracks, card parlours, airlines, and the like.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 8999 – Professional Services:

Examples of such merchants include mortgage brokers, research firms, financial planners, graphic designers, guest speakers and lecturers, court stenographers, real estate appraisers, research firms, and auction houses. Please note that charging your PayPal or Curve account, for instance, also falls under this category.

  • Merchant Category Code (MCC) 9399 – Government Services:

In this category fall merchants that provide general support services to the government such as personnel, auditing, procurement, and building management services. Examples include civil rights and civil service commissions, general government accounting offices, general services offices, government supply agencies, fire, and motor vehicle departments, and national, state, and city parks. This MCC may also be used to identify U.S. state lottery ticket sales by merchants

Source: What transactions are ineligible for the Nexo Card cashback?
August 23, 2022
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