We’ve noticed a lot of Nexo’s investments in other platforms. How do such investments benefit your current clients as opposed to investing in adding new features to Nexo?

We haven’t slowed down on the “feature adding”. The team is still getting larger and larger which means we can engage in even more tasks and developments. This is Nexo’s main revenue driver so we’re never going to stop pushing ahead in terms of new features.

The investments we’ve made are in projects where we either don’t already have the expertise they have in a certain field or where we feel that another company is ahead of us. It makes sense to invest in such projects even just from a capital gains perspective. Despite the market downturn, in the last two months, we have seen $4 billion pour into crypto startups, so we want to be a part of that. It’s nothing gargantuan given Nexo’s total balance sheet. 95% of all startups fail so we are prepared for something like this when managing our own corporate funds. But we do feel that there are a lot of opportunities apart from the capital gains benefits, such as gaining access to certain products so that we can quickly bring certain services and offerings into production that might otherwise take us longer.

For Nexo users, this means that you get to enjoy products and services that come into fruition quicker.

Source: July’s Ask-Antoni-Anything Recapped
August 21, 2022
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