Referral Race Promo – Explained

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Have you ever considered unlocking the full potential of your referring power? Think no more because the Nexo Referral Race Promo has got your back on this. You now have the special opportunity to participate in an exclusive two-layer promo.

The promo starts at 00:00 UTC on 26.05.2022 and ends on 26.07.2022 at 23:59 UTC.

Referral Bonus Reward:

As usual, both you and the referred buddy can receive a $25 reward in BTC, as explained in this article. Here is how:

  1. Login to your Nexo account and make sure to complete Identity Verification if you have not done so already.
  2. Copy the unique referral link in your profile from the Referral tab and share it with a friend.
  3. Ask them to create a Nexo account and complete Identity Verification.
  4. Once they do and add at least $100 you’ll both get $25 in BTC as a pending transaction.
  5. Your referral must hold a value of at least $100 for 30 days for the bonus to be successfully reflected in both your and their account.


  • If you have not received your reward, you can always sign in to your account and check the $25 reward status. Perhaps your friend hasn’t topped up yet – so gently remind them to do so.
  • Bear in mind that the transaction should be sent from an external wallet (outside of Nexo); Any internal deposit transactions (from other Nexo users) during the 90-day period after registering with a referral link will make both you and the referred person no longer eligible for the $25 referral reward.
  • Please note that your friend has to complete Identity Verification and meet the top-up requirement. You both must satisfy the respective conditions within 90 days from the registration date. Failing to do so would mean that the bonus transaction will not be triggered in either account.

The Prize Pool Rewards:

On top of these individual $25 rewards, you can also get a slice of the $50,000 Prize Pool. Each of your referrals who have made an eligible deposit during the promo period, 00:00 UTC on 26.05.2022 and 23:59 UTC on 26.07.2022, will be counted towards the promotion.

$50,000 in NEXO* tokens will be distributed among the top 50 participants with the most eligible referrals as follows:

  • Places 1-5 will each receive $5,000 in NEXO
  • Places 6-10 will each receive: $2,000 in NEXO
  • Places 11-20 will each receive: $700 in NEXO
  • Places 21-30 will each receive: $400 in NEXO
  • Places 31-50 will each receive: $200 in NEXO

* The reward for US citizens or residents shall be paid out in BTC instead.

To elevate your position, you have to refer more friends to join Nexo. You can refer an unlimited number of friends, but they must not have created a Nexo account before – only brand new customers are accepted. Only those of your referrals who have made an eligible deposit within the promo period and have subsequently met the Referral Bonus requirements will be considered successful referrals for the Referral Race. Clients who you have referred prior to the beginning of the Referral Race (not earlier than 90 days) but have not yet met the requirements will still be considered successful referrals as long as they meet the Referral Program requirements during the Referral Race.

Checkpoints for the Prize Pool

In order to keep the community informed, there will be three mid-term checkpoints on which we will share a leader-board with the top 50 participants who have made the most referrals up to this moment:

  • 1st checkpoint: 15.06.2022
  • 2nd checkpoint : 30.06.2022
  • 3rd checkpoint: 15.07.2022

The winners will be announced between 25.08.2022 – 30.08.2022.
The prizes will be paid-out in NEXO or BTC to the Winner’s Nexo Account within the period 25.08.2022 – 01.09.2022 based on the average exchange rate for USD/NEXO and NEXO/BTC as of the day of pay out.

Important notes:

  • Everyone referred to Nexo who adds the equivalent of $100 or more in any digital currency to their account will automatically begin to earn interest** on these funds. They can also swap them for other assets on the Nexo Exchange, which won’t affect their $25 reward.
  • **Nexo Earn Product is not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions may apply, such as Bulgaria, Estonia and the USA.
  • Instances of one external wallet funding multiple Nexo accounts will lead to disqualification from the Referral Program ($25 reward & $50,000 Prize Pool) for both the referrer and the referral.
Source: Referral Race Promo - Explained
August 23, 2022
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