Nexo Pro Balances – Explained

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

– Total Equity:

Total Equity represents the total balance that you own in Nexo Pro, minus all borrowed funds through.


– Total Balance:

Total Balance means the total amount of all Digital Assets in the Nexo Pro Account, regardless of whether they are borrowed or not.


– Outstanding Loan:

The Outstanding Loan represents the amount borrowed across the Trading Balance assets, minus the Total Equity. The Outstanding Loan is the sum of all Active Debts.


– Weekly PnL (7d) & Daily PnL (24h):

Weekly and Daily PnL represents the total Profit and Loss incurred in total for a 7-day period or a 24-hour period respectively. You may toggle between 24H and 7D PnL by selecting the corresponding button.


– Trading Balance:

Total Trading balance is comprised of Total Equity and Outstanding Loan.

– In Orders:

Assets allocated In Orders are pending execution on the Spot Exchange and are treated as locked until their price targets are met or until the user does not cancel the Limit Order.

– Active Debt:

Active Debt refers to the total amount of an asset owed by the trader for a given margin trade.

Source: Nexo Pro Balances - Explained
October 24, 2022
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