Nexo Exchange services – Explained

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As a further step towards offering Nexo clients a 360-degree banking service, the Nexo Exchange is equipped with features and benefits that give you an edge over other investors.

To cater to the trading needs of various crypto communities, the Nexo Exchange enables instant exchanges between all currencies supported by Nexo. With the tap of a finger and without wasting time on withdrawal confirmations, you can trade FiatX for cryptocurrencies and make conversions from one cryptocurrency to another.

Notably, the Nexo Exchange lets you buy, sell, and convert your crypto and FiatX all from within the comfort of the Nexo Wallet App or Nexo platform. For the first time ever, Nexo clients can natively trade NEXO Tokens on the go, without having to leave the platform. Overall, Nexo’s swap feature will allow immediate exchange between 300+ market pairs.

Ways you can use the Nexo Exchange


The Nexo Exchange product is split into three services as follows:

  • Nexo Convert allows you to buy, sell and swap your assets instantly via a service commonly referred to as spot trading.
  • Buy with card allows you to conveniently and quickly purchase a variety of crypto assets within a matter os seconds using your debit or credit card.
  • Nexo Booster allows you to get between 1.25 and 3x leverage on your portfolio via a service commonly referred to as leverage trading.

Nexo Convert

To discover our exchange, simply open your Nexo Wallet App, tap on Trade on the Dashboard, select Convert, choose the currencies and the amount, and start trading.

If on the web platform, click on the Exchange menu at the top, and choose whether to buy with cash, sell for cash, or swap crypto and stablecoins.


What currencies does the Nexo exchange support?

The Nexo exchange currently allows exchanges of all crypto and FiatX currencies supported by Nexo. Users can natively swap more than 300+ market pairs.

Can I exchange assets that are used as collateral?

Yes, you can. Please click here for detailed guidance.

How can Nexo guarantee the best market price currently available?

Thanks to the in-house Smart Routing system, the Nexo exchange simultaneously connects to multiple exchanges to identify the best price and split the orders depending on the price per volume. The system guarantees best-price swaps and no price fluctuation between order submission and order fulfilment.

Before your order is finalized, you will be presented with a rate on the trading pair of your choice at the ‘Preview Exchange’ screen. Please, confirm the trade only if you are happy with the rate you will get.

The Perks of Using the Nexo Exchange


The Nexo Exchange provides more utility for our native NEXO Token. The exchange gives you the opportunity to trade, as well as borrow against, and earn in NEXO.


  • Exchanging crypto for fiat or vice versa, buying crypto with card, and the Nexo Booster are unavailable for clients residing in Australia.

  • Trading NEXO and XRP is currently unavailable for US citizens and US residents.
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August 23, 2022
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