Nexo Booster – Cashback

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

While the Nexo Booster is its own integrated product, in the background it uses the infrastructures of two of Nexo’s existing services: our Exchange and the Instant Crypto Credit Lines. This being the case using the Booster triggers our 0.5% Exchange Loyalty Cashback on all swaps.

This is what’s happening behind the scenes:

With booster transactions for a single asset, the crypto you’re putting forth is collateralized and the rest of the needed sum is issued to you as a USDT loan which is then swapped via our Exchange into the “Receive” currency (also your original asset in this case). The exchange initiated at the end of this booster transaction gets 0.5% cashback.

If your boost involves two different assets, then the initial sum you put forward is exchanged into your “Receive” currency and you get cashback on this swap. But you also get cashback on the exchange that takes place when the USDT loan set to cover the rest of your booster transaction is converted into your “Receive” currency.

However, have in mind that you’ll receive cashback if you haven’t exceeded your Exchange Loyalty Cashback limit.

For a detailed information concerning the Nexo Booster, please refer to this article.

Source: Nexo Booster - Cashback
August 23, 2022
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