Missing or incorrect Destination TAG (XRP) or MEMO (XLM – Stellar, BNB, EOS and Nexo BEP2)

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

Missing or incorrect TAG/MEMO:

If you forgot or used an incorrect Destination Tag (XRP) or Memo (XLM, BNB, EOS, Nexo BEP2), then your deposit will not be credited to your Nexo account. Please submit a ticket to our Support team.

In order for Nexo to verify the transaction and to expedite the process of locating your crypto assets, please provide the following information:

  1. Please make sure you have completed Identity Verification. If you have not, please log in to your Nexo account, then click on “My Profile” and then on the Identity Verification tab on the left.
  2. Provide the following info: transaction ID (mandatory), name of the coin, amount, correct Tag/Memo.
  3. A video of the withdrawal record that starts before you have logged in to your XRP/XLM/BNB/EOS/Nexo BEP 2 account from which you have sent the tokens to us. Please make sure the transaction is clearly visible as well as the whole URL in the address bar of your browser. You have to expand the transaction in the respective blockchain explorer.

Important: if possible, to recover your crypto coins, we may need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export/import private keys, etc. These operations can only be conducted by authorised staff under strict supervision. Please note that not all incorrectly sent crypto-assets can be retrieved.

Source: Missing or incorrect Destination TAG (XRP) or MEMO (XLM - Stellar, BNB, EOS and Nexo BEP2)
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