I have just made a purchase but it won’t let me pay it off in my Nexo account

Once the transaction has been approved, it will add the amount to your outstanding balance which can then be paid off. Approval can take from a few minutes to hours (or days on rare occasions), depends on the establishment.

Whenever you make a purchase with the Nexo Card, the merchant has up to 45 days to claim the funds. Until this happens, the card transaction will be pending in your Transactions tab and the amount won’t be added to your outstanding loan. Тhis is why you might notice that the purchase has been deducted from your Available Credit, but the amount is not available for repayment yet.

Please note that during this time, the loan generated from the purchase will accumulate interest which will also be added to your outstanding loan once the card transaction is approved.

If the merchant doesn’t claim the funds within the 45-day period, the transaction will be rejected and no loan or interest will be accrued. The above applies to the cashback following the purchase – your BTC or NEXO reward will be credited to the respective balance after the card transaction is approved.

Source: NEXO Card FAQ
August 21, 2022
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