How to verify your identity?

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In order to gain access to all of Nexo’s products, you need to verify your identity. Our verification process is easy, intuitive and usually takes just a few minutes. The provided information is only used for identity verification purposes. Your data is always encrypted and securely stored on our system.

How to Verify Your Identity

  1. Fill in your Personal Info details, such as address and mobile number.
  2. Complete your Identity Verification by scanning your ID and taking a selfie.
  3. In some rare cases, we might ask you to provide additional documents, such as а bank statement or utility bill.

To begin the verification process, log in to your Nexo account, tap on the “My Profile” icon in the upper left corner of the Dashboard screen and then on “Verify Identity“.


Tap “Start Verification” to start with the first part of the verification – Personal Info, and follow the instructions on the screen.


Personal Info

In order to complete this part, you will need to provide your legal name, residential address, and employment details.


After submitting that information, you will need to verify your phone number. Enter it in the respective fields and tap “Submit”. You will receive an SMS with the verification code needed to complete the process.

Please be informed that this will automatically activate your two-factor authentication (2FA) using SMS as an authentication method. Should you wish to, you can later change this from “My Profile” > “Security” > “Two-factor authentication”. For detailed steps on how to do this, check this article.


This completes the “Personal Info” portion of the verification. Click on “Continue Verification” to proceed with “Identity Verification” or alternatively, you can resume the process later.


Identity Verification

Here, you will be asked to scan your ID and take a selfie.

You will be prompted to choose the type of document you wish to scan.


After that, you will be requested to take pictures of the front or both the front and the back of any double-sided documents. Please click here to check which documents from your country are supported by our KYC partner Jumio.

14-Jumio.png 15-Jumio.png

Take a selfie following the instructions provided on-screen. Do not be alarmed if the image appears like a sketch or is grey – this is completely normal.


Once you have submitted all required photos and they have been uploaded successfully, the review process usually takes a few minutes or in rare cases up to one business day. You will receive an email and an in-app notification with the outcome of your application.

Keep in mind that you might also be asked to verify your residential address. You will be notified both in-app and via email if this is required from you. More information on the Address Verification process can be found in this article.

Watch our step-by-step video guide for more detailed instructions.

Source: How to verify your identity?
August 23, 2022
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