How to secure Your Credit Line with the Unlock Fixed Terms Opt-in?

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With the Unlock Fixed Terms Opt-in Nexo gives you another option to secure your open credit line. Should your Loan-to-Value (LTV) reach 83.3% and the assets in your Flex terms have already been transferred out of the Savings wallet, the system will go on to unlock your Fixed-term/s and transfer the original amount of locked assets to the Credit Line wallet thus preventing automatic repayments.

Please follow the steps below to activate the option:

Web platform:

1. Log on to your Nexo account and click on ‘My Profile’ > ‘Settings’


2. Click ‘Enable’ under ‘Unlock Fixed Terms’


Mobile application:

1. Open the app and tap on ‘More’ > ‘Settings

2. Tap on the toggle button next to ‘Unlock Fixed terms’


Key points:

  • All the assets in each Fixed Term deposit will be unlocked at once should the system need to collateralize part or all of the funds locked in this account.
  • Fixed terms will be unlocked only if ‘Unlock Fixed Terms’ is opted in and all Flex terms have already been transferred.
  • If you have multiple Fixed terms of various sizes, the prioritization is aimed at reducing the loss of interest in your account.

  • If the assets in a Fixed-term are not enough to stabilize your Loan-to-Value (LTV), the system will go on to unlock more assets if available.
  • Fixed terms in FiatX currencies are not affected by this option since FiatX assets do not serve as collateral.


Nexo Earn Product is not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions may apply, such as Bulgaria, Estonia and the USA

Source: How to secure Your Credit Line with the Unlock Fixed Terms Opt-in?
August 23, 2022
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