How to link your card to buy crypto

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To take advantage of our ‘Buy with Card’ feature, you would need to link and verify your card before making a purchase. Within this article, you can find follow-along instructions on how to complete this step via the Nexo mobile application. If you are accessing your account through the browser version of the Nexo platform or you need further guidance on purchasing your crypto, feel free to refer to this article.

How to link your card via the mobile app?

1. Tap on ‘My Profile’


2. Tap on ‘Payment Methods’


3. Tap on ‘Link New Card’

For your increased security, you will need to validate your card following a few simple steps before you can start using it to buy crypto. In order to do that, please select “Link New Card” and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your card details and complete 3DS verification.

Important: Verifying your card is mandatory before using it to purchase crypto. The Card Verification feature is supported in all countries where our Buy with Card product is available (see the full list here).


4. Fill in the card details and tap on ‘Link card’


5. Complete 3DS verification and click ‘Continue’


6. Your card is now being verified. The validation is usually completed within a few minutes but in rare cases the processing time may extend to a few hours.


Once the request is reviewed, you will receive a push notification and an email containing further information, regardless of the outcome. You can also check the verification status of your card in ‘My Profile’ > ‘Payment Methods’.



  • Please note that each Card Verification request comes with a $0.10 authorisation hold, which will be reflected on your card statement. The aforementioned amount will be blocked only for a short period of time and will be released afterwards.
  • You can link as many cards as you would like and remove them when needed.

How to remove a linked card?

1. Click on the ‘Payments Methods’ section in ‘My Profile’


2. Click on the specific card you would like to remove


3. Then click on ‘Remove Card’


4. You will be asked to additionally confirm the action. Once confirmed, the previously linked card will be successfully removed



  • Exchanging crypto for fiat or vice versa, buying crypto with card, and the Nexo Booster are unavailable for clients residing in Australia

  • Trading Terra Classic (LUNC) via the Nexo Exchange is currently unavailable
  • Trading NEXO and XRP is currently unavailable for US citizens and US residents
  • Buying TerraClassic USD (USTC) on the Nexo Exchange is not subject to cashback
Source: How to link your card to buy crypto
August 23, 2022
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