How do I withdraw assets from my Nexo Pro account?

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

To withdraw assets from your Nexo Pro account:

1. Navigate to your ‘Dashboard’ tab and click ‘Withdraw’ in the top-right corner of the screen.


2. Select the asset you want to withdraw to your Savings Wallet.


3. Enter the amount and click ‘Withdraw’.


Keep in mind that it is not possible to make a direct withdrawal from your Nexo Pro account to an external crypto address or bank account. Instead, the selected assets will be moved to your Nexo Savings Wallet, from where they can be withdrawn. Please visit our Help Center to learn more about crypto and fiat withdrawals.

If you have acquired assets for which you do not have a wallet on the Nexo platform, you can always generate one by selecting the ‘Transfer’ button right next to the asset in question and then ‘Top Up’ from the dropdown menu. This would enable you to complete the transfer from Nexo Pro to your Nexo account.


Please note that all of the Outstanding Loan generated through Margin Trading has to be repaid before any assets can be withdrawn from Nexo Pro to the Nexo platform. Meanwhile, the assets that are In Orders can only be withdrawn after the respective order is either completed or canceled.

If I return my assets to the Nexo platform, will they continue earning interest?

Assets transferred from Nexo Pro to your Savings Wallet will continue earning high-yield interest, as long as the Earn Product is available in your jurisdiction. Please note that these assets will be subject to a 24-hour cool-off period.

Important: The 24-hour cool-off period is not applied to assets bought with a Debit/Credit card on the Nexo Exchange. Therefore, you will receive your first corresponding yield with the interest payout the following day.

US clients:

Per the Changes to Nexo’s Earn Interest Product in the U.S., US citizens and residents will no longer have the ability to earn interest on assets transferred out of their Savings Wallet on the Nexo platform. Hence, withdrawing any assets, which are eligible to earn, to Nexo Pro will make these assets no longer eligible to receive interest.

For example:
1. On September 8, you were earning interest on 10,000 XLM in your Savings Wallet.
2. The same day, you transferred 3,000 XLM to Nexo Pro, while 7,000 XLM remained in your Savings Wallet on the Nexo platform.
3. The next day, you returned 3,000 XLM back to your Savings Wallet.
4. As a result, only the amount of 7,000 XLM will continue to earn interest, whilst the returned 3,000 XLM will not.

Important notes:

Currently, BSV, ETC and EURT can only be acquired through Nexo Pro. These assets are not supported on the Nexo platform and therefore cannot be directly withdrawn to the Savings Wallet. However, you can swap these assets for a supported asset of your choice through the Spot Exchange and withdraw it to the Nexo platform.

Source: How do I withdraw assets from my Nexo Pro account?
August 23, 2022
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