How do I close my account?

This information comes directly from Nexo's help center

Please note that you must satisfy the following conditions in order to close your account:

  • You must not have any balances in your wallets
  • You must not have an outstanding overdraft
  • You must not have any pending withdrawals
  • Two-factor Authentication must be enabled

You can close your Nexo account from both within the app and your browser in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to ‘My Profile’ -> ‘Security’ -> ‘Close Account’


  2. Select the reason for closing your account


  3. Tap on ‘Close my account’


  4. Confirm by tapping on ‘Close my account’ once more


  5. Enter the 2FA code


  6. Your account is now closed and you are signed out


  7. An email confirming account closure is sent out


If you are assets are below the respective minimum withdrawal limit you need to top-up more to reach the said limit and then make a withdrawal to an external wallet. Please also consider the blockchain fee if you do not have free withdrawals remaining.

In case your balances are too small (crypto dust), please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Source: How do I close my account?
August 23, 2022
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Someone created an account with my email, without my authorisation. I’d like to delete this account ASAP

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