How can I request a refund for a purchase made with my Nexo Card?

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When you pay for goods or services with your Nexo Card, but the purchased product does not meet your expectations, you might want to ask for a refund. Here are some of the most common reasons for that:

  • The quality of the item or service is unsatisfactory
  • The received product is damaged
  • The product or size are wrong 
  • The received item does not match the description 
  • The merchant charged an incorrect amount

How do I request a refund for something I purchased with my Nexo Card?

In order to request a full or partial refund for a pending or completed Nexo Card purchase, please contact the merchant (the company that you bought the product from) directly via email, phone or in person. Make sure to include the reference number of your order and/or other details, such as the date of the purchase, the description of items/services you paid for, a copy of the receipt, as well as the reason for the return. 

Please note that refund policies may vary across different merchants and jurisdictions, depending on the type of item/service you bought, the vendor’s own Terms and Conditions, and other factors.

When can I expect to receive my refund?

The processing time of refunds depends solely on the merchant (the company which sold you the goods). The refunded amount will be reflected in your Nexo account no later than 1 day after the merchant has processed the refund.

Where can I see the refunded amount in my Nexo account?

As soon as the refund is processed by the merchant, the returned amount will be subtracted from your Outstanding Loan, or in other words, will be reflected in your Available Credit.

If your Outstanding Loan is repaid by the time you receive the refund, you can spend the Available Credit on new purchases with your Nexo Card or withdraw these via the ‘Borrow’ button as long as it is above the minimum loan amount.

If your Outstanding Loan has not been repaid yet, the refunded amount will be deducted from it, thus reducing the amount you need to repay.

Source: How can I request a refund for a purchase made with my Nexo Card?
October 24, 2022
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