How can I buy $NEXO?

  • (Non-US only)Using the NEXO Exchange within the app. Load up an asset by either transfering it to your Nexo wallet, or transfering via wire. Once you have funds, go into the exchange option, and swap said asset to NEXO tokens.
  • exchange.
  • Changelly (Via the Nexo app, click on the banner on the homepage, at the top) [Note: very high fees/interest rate, but easy to use]
  • (Non-US only) – Send USDT, BTC, ETH to your Huobi wallet, trade it for Nexo. If you complete KYC you get a $10 fee deduction on trades.
  • (Non-US only) BitFinex
  • Uniswap. You have to buy ETH first somewhere and then swap it to Nexo. Good solution for 4 figure exchanges and under, above that, there is too little liquidity.
  • Buy BNB from Binance, use Binance DEX to convert BNB to Nexo.
  • exchange (very low liquidity)
  • – Swap to NEXO
  • CoinEx
  • Bancor Nexo Pool
  • QuickSwap
August 21, 2022
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