Can we have a function to unlock Fixed Terms on fiat in exchange for a small fee?

Unlocking Fixed Terms defeats the purpose of locking assets, even if there is a small fee since Nexo relies on the liquidity in these locked accounts for our other products. But we will look into this going forward and see what we can do.

We do however have the Unlock Fixed Terms option. It’s a new feature that complements our Automatic Collateral Transfer. When switched on, it can automatically unlock your Fixed Term accounts if you have an open credit line and your LTV drops below the required percentage, thus protecting you from liquidations. For now, we have this feature and we are looking into further alternatives.

Source: July’s Ask-Antoni-Anything Recapped
August 21, 2022
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swiss guy

can we have a function fixed term with swiss franc chf? beacuse it’s one of the best currencies in the world

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