Upcoming Features

What’s coming next?

List of confirmed upcoming features for NEXO

Bank acquisition Prime brokerage Added! Corporate API Added! Crypto-backed CREDIT card Added! Referral system Added!

How often does NEXO add new coins? (When will X be added??)

Nexo adds coins every now and again, you can submit suggestions to their socials. Stay up to date with the latest releases by following their socials and groups.

Any plans to add altcoins that are less known?

Antoni (Nexo’s Director) has said: Community has to want it. Have to have a substantial market cap. Trading team has to examine the asset in regards to it’s liquidity. This is a serious process. Not necessarily 24h market volume, it has to be absolutely certain that the liquidity would be enough and sufficient over extended…

Outdated or Irrelevant How is Nexo doing with its whitelisting service for withdrawal addresses?

Antoni said: I don’t have a strict deadline for it, but it will definitely be this quarter. There will be an address book and an option to whitelist addresses. Safety is always a tricky subject, but I think we’ve done a better job than most blockchain companies. Unlike others, we’ve never been hacked even without…

When will the list of supported coins/tokens be expanded?

Antoni said: We are always looking to onboard new collateral options and add more assets to our Earn suite. It’s a matter of liquidity and market cap for each new asset. We used to make sure assets had a market cap of $1B before but now that’s a pretty low threshold since most of the…

Are you planning to publish numbers like the number of processed loans, number of users, total assets on the platform?

We are working on auditing our financials so they will soon be publicly accessible and even more detailed and eloquent. Bear with us a little longer, we are in the process of doing this and our accountants are working hard going through millions of crypto-based transactions. We’ve embarked on a mission to provide more transparency…

When will Nexo incorporate YubiKey onto the platform?

That’s in the pipeline, I don’t have a strict deadline, but we have had two-factor authentication on the platform for a long time now. As for YubiKey, honestly, I don’t know, we’ll see, perhaps soon.

Outdated or Irrelevant When governance?!

It is definitely coming this quarter. We want to make sure we run all our tests right for the voting, and for different proposals, making sure we can actually implement the suggested changes. We don’t want people to vote for something that we later realize we can’t actually implement, so we want to be realistic…

Outdated or Irrelevant When do you plan to launch the affiliate program

The affiliate program is set for this quarter. It has been pending for a while. People sometimes have this antagonistic view of Nexo as if we’re holding back or not working hard enough to bring these features on time, but ultimately these are all products that bring in new business for the company and we…

When do you plan to lower the minimum deposit amount for EUR?

Well, 1000 is not a very high number in my opinion. It’s not imposed by Nexo as such. This minimum is imposed by our banking partners. Unfortunately, we are still reliant on banks, so this is one of the things that we will be able to resolve quicker once we get our banking license. But…

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