Nexo Token

All about the Nexo Token and Utility

Official What is the NEXO Token and what are the benefits of owning NEXO Tokens?

At Nexo we value all of our customers greatly which is why we devised the NEXO Token, the world’s first compliant, interest-bearing token, featuring the following benefits: To learn more about Interest Discount please read this article. To learn more about Bonus Yields please read this article. To learn more about Free withdrawals please read…

Official What is the circulating and total supply of the NEXO Token?

The total token supply is 1 000 000 000 NEXO Tokens. You can check the circulating supply on our Coinmarketcap profile page:

Official On which blockchain is the technology built?

The NEXO Token operates via contemporary standards on two of the most popular networks in the Crypto Space: Ethereum network – via the ERC-20 standard Binance Beacon Chain network – via the BEP2 token standard

Official What are the ICO funds used for?

Almost all funds from the Token Sale were used to fund clients’ Crypto-backed Loans requests. We are not one of those companies that pretend they will spend $20M on IT with a roadmap for launching in 2020. Our IT infrastructure is self-funded. Nexo’s primary mission is to enable the community to enjoy its crypto-wealth without…

Official Can I have a link to your GitHub repo to check the smart contract?

Please use the following link to check Nexo smart contract:

Official What is the smart contract address, token symbol and decimals?

You can find it here: Address: 0xb62132e35a6c13ee1ee0f84dc5d40bad8d815206 Symbol: NEXO Decimals: 18 Please note that this is not a deposit address. If you want to transfer funds to your Nexo account, please refer to this article – How to deposit crypto assets?

Official How to buy NEXO Tokens?

Owning NEXO Tokens brings a number of benefits, from lower borrow interest rates to higher earn yields on your idle assets. There are a few ways to go about purchasing NEXO Tokens: 1. By using our Nexo Exchange* on the mobile app or the web platform. Further down in this article, you can find the…

Official Buying NEXO Tokens via Binance DEX

In order to swap assets (BTC, BNB) for NEXO Tokens on the Binance DEX exchange, users need to register a wallet and connect it with the Binance Decentralized Exchange. In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide about how to set your wallet and transfer NEXO efficiently and cheaply across the BEP2 network.Step 1…

How can I buy $NEXO?

(Non-US only)Using the NEXO Exchange within the app. Load up an asset by either transfering it to your Nexo wallet, or transfering via wire. Once you have funds, go into the exchange option, and swap said asset to NEXO tokens. exchange. Changelly (Via the Nexo app, click on the banner on the homepage, at…

Outdated or Irrelevant If I put NEXO up as collateral in my account, do I still receive dividends on it while repaying the loan?

Yes, you will receive dividends on all NEXO Tokens held in your Nexo account. To learn more about Nexo dividends: In other words – it does not matter in which wallet Credit Line or Savings you hold your NEXO Tokens.

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