Everything related to earning interest on your assets on Nexo

I transferred my assets yesterday and have not gotten any interest yet???

You get your first interest payout the day AFTER you deposit. This is normal, to avoid people cheating the system.

How stable as the rates offered on Earn?

Nexo’s rates are determined by market forces – supply and demand. They are not a greedy bunch, They go as high as They possibly can, but They want to generate yields on their platform sustainably. Nexo does not burn venture capital funds to offer attractive yields for user acquisition. Instead, They offer yields that are…

Outdated or Irrelevant When is USD (U.S. Dollar) Fiat earning coming?

On the 6th April 2021, Nexo announced they entered Beta-testing for USD integration. Testing should be done & dusted in no time, so expect USD top-ups, credit line repayments & exchange pairs really soon! Update: USD earning is now enabled.

Is there a limit on how many fixed terms you can create?

Currently, you can create up to 10 fixed terms per asset.

Will fixed terms always be locked in at 1 month / 3 months?

They are going to have different terms, but right now they will have 1/3, and 6/12/18 months rolling out soon. No plans to let user decide how many months they want to lock their assets up.

Can fixed terms be unlocked?

Currently, you can not manually unlock terms via the app. You can contact support and they might be able to close the term but you lose all accrued interest, but this only happens on certain occasions and only once per account. Furthermore, you can enable the new Unlock Fixed Terms option in your settings if…

Do I get interest on my collateral?

Any assets in your Credit wallet do not get any interest, so you can not borrow 0.5BTC with 1BTC as collateral and make interest on the 1BTC at the same time. The only asset that makes % while being in the Credit wallet is Nexo tokens, where you get daily interest of <s>7%</s> 4% regardless…

Do my assets on Nexo get locked-up / stake period?

NO, it’s not necessary! Unlike, CDC ( where you need to lock in assets to actually get a good rate, you do not need to lock in your assets with Nexo, you can withdraw them at any time. In Nexo, you CAN set up fixed terms/locking up for an additional % on Crypto and FIAT…

Outdated or Irrelevant I am not getting back interest on my NEXO assets?

You do not get interest on NEXO token assets you hold in NEXO. Instead, you get dividends. Nexo give out 30% of their profits back to their customers that hold nexo tokens. Read this article ( for more information. Edit: This question is no longer relevant. Nexo tokens now earn daily interest as dividends were…

Regarding compounding interest

The daily interest rate you receive for the like-kind reward already takes into account the fact it compounds to end with the stated annual interest rate. The interest rate you see for like-kind reward only is achieved if you keep it for 365 days. If you keep it for a lesser time, you actually get…