Nexo Dividends, which are now obsolete replaced by the daily Interest paid out to all Nexo token holders

Dividends replaced with Daily Interest

Dividends were replaced with Daily Interest after a governance vote. You now earn up to 12% APY on your Nexo tokens and you earn 7% 4% on your Nexo tokens held in collateral.

Outdated or Irrelevant What is a dividend?

To “reward” loyal customers who support the project and Nexo token itself, Nexo have decided to do (yearly*) dividends, this means they give 30% of the benefits (profits) the company earned since the last dividend back to the nexo holders. Based on how many tokens you have and knowing there is currently a fixed supply…

Outdated or Irrelevant How regular are dividends, when is the next one?

So far, dividends have been yearly, in August. There have been mentions from Nexo that they’d like to do it more regularly. As any business/stock that do dividends, the price of the token/stock decreases drastically after dividend payout. Do not be alarmed.

Outdated or Irrelevant Do US customers get dividends?

Yes, but paid out in BTC. You can receive it in NEXO as well, but you must be an accredited investor. Read this https://nexo.io/blog/get-20-more-with-nexo-s-bonus-dividend

Outdated or Irrelevant Do I need to verify/kyc to receive dividend for my NEXO tokens?

Yes, advanced verification is necessary.

Outdated or Irrelevant Where do I need to hold NEXO Tokens, in order to receive dividends?

NEXO Tokens must be held/staked in your Nexo account (doesn’t matter if it’s in the Credit or Savings Wallet) at the ex-dividend date. The ex-dividend date will be communicated in advance.